For over 20 years, master trains students in various areas of banking and finance and thus constitutes a real source of attraction for students who wish to move to the front office trades.

In fact, this education is provided by university professors but also by professionals. Through this educational quality team , M2 TFB essentially intended to train students in technical facilities markets, asset management, risk management, the Corporate Finance and Mergers and Acquisitions.This approach both technical and practical allows students to better prepare the financial world. The approach is based on professional experience : a 6-month internship at the end of study is required to validate the degree.

In addition, it provides students master a wide alumni network with more than 700 graduates makers in the most prestigious financial institutions and management companies in the world.

Partnership with teachers accredited by the CFA® Institute ( Chatered Financial Analysis) enables our students to undergo training preparation CFA Level I exam. Finally, our students also have the opportunity to pass the BAT ( Bloomberg Aptitude Test ) through a partnership with Bloomberg.

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